About Blue Ridge Group, Inc.

Blue Ridge Group, Inc was incorporated in August of 1993 as a Nevada Corporation. Since that time, our headquarters have remained in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Blue Ridge Group specializes in providing quality Oil and Gas Exploration Prospects through Direct Participation Programs offered only to Accredited Individuals, and marketed strictly through licensed FINRA Broker/Dealers in the United States.

These prospects range from deep "Rank Wildcats" drilled to depths as deep as 16,000 feet to shallow, Developmental Drills, located in the Gulf Coast region of the Continental United States. There are several risks involved with the drilling of oil and gas wells ranging from mechanical to geological.

The majority of all prospects offered are generated using Seismic Technology.

Our Strategy

Oil and Gas Exploration is an industry rich with influences that, combined and managed in the correct manner, can produce a very successful company.

The optimum mix of Science, Technology, Money, and most importantly, Risk Management, is something we always strive to achieve for both ourselves and our clients at every level of the exploration process.

Since Oil and Gas Exploration is inherent to a high degree of risk, the risk must be managed on a daily basis. Science and Technology are direct elements of risk mitigation. Through the use of 3D Seismic combined with qualified Geologists and Geophysicists scrutinizing and evaluating each prospect, risk is managed, wells are drilled, and some are eliminated prior to drilling, thus sparing valuable exploration dollars and applying them to better qualified prospects. Unfortunately, risk will always be an element of this industry.

As we move forward, Blue Ridge Group Inc. will continue building partnership portfolios through research, development, technology, risk management, and just plain hard work.